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Leaflet Distribution

At Skyline Leaflet Distribution we know just how important it is to have your leaflets or flyers delivered on time in the most efficient manner. Your business and its expansion depends on it! This is the reason we have taken the time to vet every distributor that works with our team. We track and monitor each one of our handpicked distributors to ensure every leaflet is delivered on time and to the relevant targeted areas. Years of experience has given us insight in choosing the correct people for this job. We only employ adults who are trustworthy and enthusiastic. When employing a new member of the team, we make sure they are also treated fairly. We make sure they are paid properly for their hard work, which entails many hours of walking per day. So many distribution companies are just paying their employees £25 per 1,000, it takes a person around 6 hours to deliver 1,000 flyers, which if you do the maths is only £4.20p an hour which is well below minimum wage, in fact did you know that was the minimum wage in the UK back in 1991! So than when these companies, who go for the cheapest option start to complain that they are not receiving enough ROI, the whole leaflet endeavour becomes fruitless. Do you really think someone who is getting paid just £4.20 an hour will be an honest, hard worker? Of course not! The distribution company that employs such tactics usually have a very high turnover of disgruntled distributors who could care less about the work. So finding the right Distribution Company is a vital step towards expanding your company and brand success in the shortest period of time.

How do you track the leaflets?

Answer: We make sure all our distributors have smart phones and that they install a tracking app so that
our supervisors can monitor their whereabouts in real time.

How do you know if all the leaflets are being delivered to their target address, and not just
thrown in a bin or just shoving 3 or 4 leaflets through the door of each address to cut their walking time

Answer: Apart from our tracking app, with which we can see if they are moving on the right roads at the correct time, or if they decided to put more than one leaflet through a door, we also have a team of handpicked supervisors who are driving around the areas watching and supervising, taking notes of how well each one doing, how fast they are walking. That’s why we are fair to our distributors and expect only the best service from them in return. And that is why we can guarantee only the best and most trusted distributors work for us, because we know how important it is for your business to expand and thrive amid all of today’s competitive companies out there.



This is where your leaflet will be delivered door to door on its own without any other leaflets, so your potential customer will have your undivided attention. This offers the best ROI for your business



Your leaflet is put out with two other non competing leaflets, this is the cheaper option and works well, but of course with two other leaflets your leaflet does not get that 100% focus as it would be Solus.


Business 2 Business

this is where we just target business only, no domestic households.


Hand 2 Hand

this is where we place your leaflets into your potential customers hands normally outside shopping centres, railway stations, conferences etc.

We also have a 20% discount on all new clients!